This package contains my Foundation-less Piecing Templates for my Pathways blocks.


My Pathways Templates are the result of my love for New York Beauty blocks and Drukard's Path. To me a New York Beauty block is a Drunkard's Path that got its act together and added finesse.


I’ve been foundation piecing (paper piecing) for quite some time. Sewing through the paper, for me, wasn’t the ideal. Not only did I have to tear off lots of paper, but then it was torn and no more pattern. Also, when all

those points came together the seam was just too bulky and I never seemed to be able to get all the paper out. If I kept trying I would pop a seam or worse, tear the fabric.


After experimenting I came up with my Foundation-less technique. I’m sure there are others who may have tried this but this is my spin on the technique.


After I used this over and over, I then had another issue. I didn’t like using the paper to cut out my larger arcs and pie pieces, so I came up with my acrylic templates. Now I’ve taken it a step further and made them interlocking, like a puzzle piece. This allows you to combine arcs and pie

pieces for even more variations!


I have templates for the spires and segments as well, to insure accurate cutting and placement, and it saves on fabric too!

Pathways 6 inch
Pathways - Spires & Segments